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The focus of illuminate is to deliver meaningful and inspiring experiences for students and young people that will activate their passions, get them excited about the business world, and confidence to see how they can leave their mark. We design all of our education experiences around our motto of Believe in Tomorrow Today, as we want to deliver meaningful education experiences where young people learn about their innovative capacity as well as growing in confidence and resilience for whatever they choose to do in their future.

Founded in 2010 by Adam Mostogl, illuminate is a multi-award-winning business1 that remains completely focused on empowering our young people – and making it fun too. We’re not about delivering textbook materials and making students attend lengthy presentations; instead, we’re focused on making everything we’re involved in as engaging and supportive as possible, which has seen all of our programs met with great success. Since our launch, we’ve worked with a number of major organisations to deliver creative workshops, education programs and facilitation sessions with large audiences, helping us empower our next generation today. A key part of what we do is to challenge students to step out of their comfort zone, which has, in turn, transformed their approach to work and school, as well as placing value in our young people to help them to realise and unleash their potential because the world is ready.

We do this in a number of different programs, ranging from 3 to 5 day education experiences mapped to national vocational outcomes as well as the Australian Curriculum, to shorter and more intensive sessions around key skills and opening students’ eyes to the workforce. To date, we’ve impacted over 2700 students from around Australia through these programs – but recognise that there are so many more who need to be inspired believe in tomorrow today, which is why we are passionate about sharing what we do far and wide.

1 2012 & 2013 Business Mentoring and Renewal Winner at the CGU Launceston Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards (as illuminate SDF).

Our 9 Key Values

When considering that many of the jobs students may enter once they leave school do not currently exist, sending students with a narrow knowledge based understanding of the work place is now redundant. Therefore, every experience designed by illuminate Education & Consulting is created around the development of 9 key values. These 9 Values form what are known as transferable enterprise skills and are essential for preparing individuals for the work place.

Every individual faces problems throughout their lives. These can become blockages or hurdles. It is essential that we equip participants with the ability to be creative and innovative problem solvers to ensure problems are a hurdle to be conquered rather that a blockage halting productivity. This relieves stress and opens new opportunities for development.

This essential skill enables participants to communicate clearly and effectively with all stakeholders in their life and workplaces. This motivates participants to develop the understanding of how clear, positive and engaging communication can enrich their lives and workplaces.

With the ever advancing world of digital technology, it is essential that participants develop the ability to effectively occupy and navigate the digital space.

With a strong focus on the development of small business and team-based management in our economy, being able to work as a team is essential to developing a workplace that is effective and supportive.

This skill empowers participants to take ownership of the financial lives, building security for their futures. It is essential that participants develop the understanding, not only around the financial implications and strategies for business but how to manage their own financial situations.

Creativity is not a skill limited to artists but one that can breathe life into a workplace and business idea. This skill allows participants to approach a concept or theory and develop new innovative approaches, which opens up the future to unforeseen opportunities. This encourages participants to think outside the box.

In a world where there is an abundance of easy to access information and opinions, it is essential to develop the ability to critically assess what is presented them. This ensures that all decisions are well informed and unswayed by gossip, bias and falsities.

This skill covers a broad range of applications, including being able to speak publicly as well as effectively managing our personal and professional reputations.

This final value is critical to progression and innovation. Through reflection, participants are able to actively and consciously identify skills and understanding that enhances their ability to engage with the world, as well as identifying areas of improvement. Without this skill, participants may find themselves making the same mistakes or not using ideas or abilities to their full potential.

Our Team

The people who inspire Australia's next generation of leaders.

Adam Mostogl

Founder / Program Manager (Secondary)


Jessi Mostogl

Program Manager (Primary)


Marcus Bendall

Program Facilitator


Jed Saville

Program Facilitator


Gabrielle Boucher de Niverville

Program Facilitator


Matthew Gardenr

Program Facilitator


Something else?

Our creative and experienced team love getting out across Australia and working with schools, businesses and communities to be more entrepreneurial and prepared for the future.

With that, Adam Mostogl (founder of illuminate Education) often travels around Australia speaking at events around the areas which we focus on, as well as our team running information sessions and professional learning for staff to learn from our knowledge and experience in delivering relevant and engaging programs in schools.

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