With the motto “Believe in Tomorrow, Today”, illuminate Education & Consulting aims to connect the potential and aspirations of the future with the present by building strong partnerships between the education and business community. Through this partnerships, businesses allow students to see how their learning is relevant today while preparing them for the future. By partnering with national and regional partners illuminate builds strong connections between education and enterprise, creating firm foundations to inspire students, enrich business and empower schools. By partnering with illuminate businesses sew into the future of students and build lasting relationships with the education community.

Our Partners

National Partners

These incredible partners provide the support and backing to help illuminate Education inspire hundreds of students across Australia.

State / Regional Partners

These great supporters believe in the impact we are making in their area, and it’s because of their passion we are doing more in these states and regions.

Deakin University's Faculty of Business & Law
University of Newcastle
University of Tasmania

Local Supporters

These great organisations have helped us out with illuminate:nextgen Challenges across Australia.

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Want to Partner with illuminate?

There are many ways to partner with illuminate Education – from personally volunteering your time to provide advice and feedback to the students through to financially supporting our programs to help reduce the planning and associated running costs.


In our endeavour to inspire as many Australian’s as possible, our preferred option is to always work with partners and like-minded organisations who share our passion – and where we can work together to support achieve your outcomes too.


To structure the support available, below are some of the common partnership levels we offer;

National Partner

This top level of partnership is for partners who make a significant and powerful investment to help get our programs into regions across the country. While the relationship is shown on program documentation and mentioned throughout programs, the benefit of this level is the opportunity to negotiate other outcomes – whether it is to showcase your industry to students in authentic ways and promote other events in the region amongst others. All benefits packages and outcomes are shaped in partnership, so if you and your organisation have specific areas of interest or outcomes you would like to see achieved, please get in touch with us.

State / Regional Partner

For some organisations, they are passionate about supporting their particular region or state – and we want to work together with you in that area. Much like the other partnership levels, recognition for your support is made on all program documentation and throughout the program, but only in your particular region. All benefits packages and outcomes are shaped in partnership, so if you and your organisation have specific areas of interest or outcomes you would like to see achieved, please get in touch with us.

Single Program Partner

As the naming rights partner for the challenge, your support will be recognised with the challenge being co-branded with your organisation, recognising your integral support. This will be highlighted in all media coverage and referred to constantly during the program, as well as having a representative of your organisation to help hand out the final awards. All major presentation opportunities throughout the challenge will be first offered to your organisation, to allow your organisation to be authentically represented throughout the challenge.

Supporting Partner

As the supporting partner (of which there are two available per standard program), your support will be recognised through displaying your brand on all program documentation which is referred to constantly throughout the challenge. In addition, a specific prize will be named after your organisation in an area of the challenge that is relevant to your business or organisation and having your organisation present material in that area to prove your organisation is the subject matter expert.

Hosting Partner

The host partner will support the running of the event by providing a venue for the five-day process, as well as the awards evening, which will have the relevant technical requirements to host all components of the challenge. We would envisage the host partner would also be a supporting partner or other partnership category, giving further exposure for this partner.

Awards Night Partner

This supporting level is great for organisations who want to contribute to the challenge but may not be able to sponsor to a higher level. Your organisation will be acknowledged as the naming rights partner for the awards presentation at the end of the challenge, which will showcase your support of young entrepreneurs and innovators.

If you and your organisation want to support our programs and want to register your support, please contact us and we can discuss how you can support our program.