To prove that your business idea works at the nextgen Challenge, every team has to finish a number of tasks to a high standard. To help you understand all of the tasks, go down the page and find out more about them. All of the tasks are marked using the following criteria, which are used across the entire challenge.

1. Creativity & Innovation

a. Is it a new idea or a new solution?
b. Are the solutions different and creative?

2. Strategy & Planning

a. Does the task make sense?
b. Has the team explained why they made their decisions?
c. Has the team given enough information for their reasons?

3. Finances

a. Has the team presented their finances to a good standard?
b. Can the team explain their finances?

4. Presentation

a. Does the task have a ‘wow’ factor?
b. Has the team presented with confidence?
c. Does the team look professional?

5. Brand & Target Audience

a. Does the work fit with the idea?
b. Has the team presented a professional piece of work?

6. Language

a. Is the language used professional?
b. Does the language fit with the task?
c. Does the language make sense?

7. Time Management Skills

a. Was it submitted on time?
b. Has the team met the time limits?

8. Use of Technology

a. Has technology been used well to complete the work?

Description of Idea [5%]


Due: Tuesday at 4:00pm.

How: Submitted via the Upload Box.

Requirements: Maximum of 100 word outline and a maximum of 200 word reasoning.

Template: PDF | Word Document


Coming up with new ideas can be exciting, but it’s easy to spend too much time on the ideas rather than working on everything else that needs to be done for the week. There are two parts to this task, which are marked with the Elevator Pitch;


– Summary of the Idea. In this task, you simply need to write down what your idea is about in one hundred (100) words. Try and get as close to the word limit as you can and choose your words carefully so you can get enough information across for the judges to understand your idea.

– Why Your Idea is Going to be a Success. Here you have two hundred (200) words to explain why your idea will work. The summary of your idea explains what your idea is but this explains why you chose to do your idea and why it will be a success.


To get marks for this task, the documents must be submitted via the File Upload Box online before the deadline.

The Panel


Begins: Tuesday from 1:55 pm.

How: Presented live.

Requirements: You have eight minutes in front of the panel, but see below for more information.


The Panel is a group of people, who might be from your community, school and local business and government, that are ready and excited to hear your ideas. It gives you a chance to share your ideas and get feedback on your thoughts. They want to help your idea be bigger and better. Make sure you use your time wisely by giving them enough information to understand your whole idea clearly in the time you have.
– Your team should speak for three (3) minutes about your idea; then
– The adults on the panel will give you feedback and help you out with any of your questions.


When talking to the panel, as many team members as you think can present, but one person should write down what the panel says. Each team will have an appointment with the panel, but you will also listen to some of the others teams present too.

Elevator Pitch


Due: Wednesday from 10:00am.

How: Presented live.

Requirements: Maximum of thirty (30) seconds.


Being able to your idea is an important skill to have. When you first meet someone, you have to be able to explain the basics of your idea so they know what you are doing. It is like you want to give them a taster of what you are going to do that makes them go “Wow! I want to know more.”


You will be pitching your idea to the teachers. The times will be put up on the screen, and it is important you turn up on time, as if you arrive late you will not be allowed to present and you will lose marks.

Business Plan & Finances [30%]


Due: Thursday at 2:15pm.

How: Submitted via the Upload Box.

Business Plan Template: PDF | Word Document
Financial Template: PDF | Word Document


A business plan is the way the people plan out their ideas and what things they will need to do to help their idea be a success. They also plan out what money they will need and how they will use it, this is called a financial plan. You will be doing both of these, which will help you with the other tasks that you have to finish as part of this challenge.


To help you out, we have given templates for the business plan and finances or you can click on the links above. Using these, you need to do the following;
– Write out the Executive Summary in full sentences, to show your idea.
– Write the rest of the business plan in dot points to show how you think it could work.
– Complete the Finance tables in the template.


This will take time to complete, but it is the largest mark of the entire challenge, so putting in the effort can help you get a good score. As already written above, the business plan and finances can also be used in other parts of the week so the effort will give you a good head start.


To get marks for this task, the documents must be submitted via the File Upload Box online before the deadline.

Marketing Package [20%]


Due: Thursday at 2:40pm

How: Submitted as mp3s, pdf or jpg, and txt files via the Upload Box.

Requirements: Radio ads must be 30 seconds in length and the brochure or printed advertisement A4 in size.


To let your know that your idea exists, you need to promote your idea. This can be done in many different ways, but for the challenge, you have to do two;

– One Printed Advertisement. You have to create a poster, flyer or brochure for your idea that fits onto an A4 piece of paper.

– Two Radio Advertisements. To promote your idea, you have to make two different advertisements that could be played on radio. They should each be thirty (30) seconds in length, and recorded using technology then submitted using the File Upload Box.


To get marks for this task, the documents must be submitted via the File Upload Box online before the deadline.

Pitch Deck Presentation [20%]


Due: Friday from 9:30am, with PowerPoints submitted before 7am Friday.

How: Presented live, with supporting PowerPoints submitted via the Upload Box.

Requirements: No longer than 4 minutes

Template: PDF | Word Document Version


The best way to present your idea and to get people to support it is by doing a Pitch Deck presentation. Most new businesses start with a presentation like this, and your team will be doing the same.


Each team will be given a time to present your pitch deck live to the judges, and your presentation can only go for four (4) minutes. The judges will be looking for you to explain everything in the template, but if you think of something amazing that you think will make your presentation really interesting, you could add more to your presentation if you wish and you still have time


If you choose to use slides as part of your presentation, you must send the file before 7am on Friday morning to have your slides loaded onto the computer in the room where you will be presenting. This must be submitted via the File Upload Box and your pitch must be done live on Friday morning.

Pressure Cooker [10%]


Begins: Friday at 11:20am.

Requirements: Announced at the start of the task, and you can submit via the Upload Box.


In business, sometimes things happen that you did not expect and they can throw you off balance and you need to think quickly to solve the problem. We do this with the Pressure Cooker, where teams are given forty-five minutes to come up with a solution to a problem that has happened in your business. You cannot easily prepare for the task, but it is best to make sure you have everything that you have worked on in the week ready in case you need it.


The rest will be announced once the timer starts.


To get marks for this task, your solution must be sent through the File Upload Box online before the deadline.

Trade Display [10%]


Due: Friday from 1:20pm

How: Presented live.

Ideas:: Previous Trade Displays


To spread the word about your idea, your team has to create a trade display stall. The only item you will be given is a table. Otherwise, everything else must be brought or made by your team. You will only have thirty minutes to set up, so you should plan ahead to make everything in before Friday. You must also be able to sell your idea from the stall in person, so think about this when working out what to put on your tables.


There are two rounds of voting on the Trade Displays;

– The student vote (held during lunchtime) makes up 50% of your total score,
– The parent vote (held before the awards ceremony) makes up the other 50% of the score.