Welcome to the illuminate:nextgen JNR Challenge


Essentially, the Team Resource Guide is your lifeline for the illuminate:nextgen JNR Challenge!


This guide has every piece of information that we think you will need to help you out. There are detailed explanations of all of the tasks that you need to complete, tips and tools that will help you out during the week, templates to make tasks that little bit easier and so much more.


Make sure you keep this guide open when you are working on tasks for the challenge, as most of the answers you could be searching for will be found in here – but if we know the answer is in the guide, we’ll tell you to check again.


If you need help at any point during the challenge, we are here to help you out. You can always search through the guide or ask the facilitators to find out more.

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Challenge Tasks

To prove your idea, you need to complete a number of real-world tasks, including business plans and pitching your idea. To find out more about the tasks, we’ve got detailed descriptions here in the Guide.

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File Upload Box

All digitally created tasks need to be submitted through the Team Resource Guide before the deadline. Click on the link to start the process – but don’t submit it late!

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Important Information

The Core Challenge


Here’s the challenge that you’ll be focused on for the entire week. No matter what you are doing, just make sure you meet everything this challenge is asking.

Our planet is a precious place, providing us with food to eat and places to live and much more – but we need to look after it. In 2015, the United Nations began a 10-year international project to do just this by aiming to improve global sustainability science. The Future Earth initiative aims to provide “knowledge to address the most pressing needs of humanity including sustainable, secure and fair stewardship of food, water, biodiversity, energy, materials, and other ecosystem functions and services”. Future Earth’s vision outlined eight key challenges in achieving its’ goals. They are as follows:

  • Deliver water, energy, and food for all
  • Lower carbon admissions to help combat climate change.
  • Look after all our natural environments, those on land and underwater.
  • Build healthy, strong and productive cities
  • Promote sustainable futures for areas outside of our cities, such as farms.
  • Improve human health
  • Encourage sustainable use of our resources, by not over using or creating waste.
  • Build communities to withstand future threats.


(Source: Adapted from “Our Vision” – http://www.futureearth.org/our-vision)


Your challenge for the illuminate:nextgen Challenge is to design a business that supports or promotes the aims of the Future Earth initiative. Your business can be selling a product, organising events and activities or providing services – it is up to you!  Whatever your business is or does, it needs to support or promote one or more of the eight key challenges of the Future Earth initiative. Think about how the product or service you provide will help promote and educate others about sustainability and looking after our planet. Note that the best way to spread the word about sustainability to inspire others to get talking about it, so think about doing something that will encourage your target audience to spread the word about your business and sustainability.

To show that your idea will be a success, you must produce;

  • a business plan outline that presents your idea,
  • a financial table to prove you will make money,
  • a pitch deck presentation to get the community excited about your business,
  • marketing materials to spread the word about your idea,
  • a trade display to promote your idea to others,
  • and a quick fire pressure cooker challenge, amongst others.


Good luck!

The Schedule

9:00am Launch of the Challenge
9:15am Creative Thinking Workshop
11:50am  Business Discussion
1:55pm  Introduction to Sustainability
9:00am Morning Briefing
Business Strategy
Team Work Discussion
11:20am Business Finance
1:15pm Business Model Canvas Due
1:55pm The Panel
4:00pm Description of Idea Due
9:00am Morning Briefing
Public Speaking
10:00am Elevator Pitches
11:20am Advertising/Graphic Design/Trade Display
12noon Early Finish
 9:00am Morning Briefing
Deadlines Discussion
10:25am Finance Workshop
2:15pm Business Plans & Financials Due
2:40pm Marketing Package Due
7:00am Slides for PowerPoint Due
9:00am Morning Briefing
9:30am Pitch Deck Presentations Begin
11:20am Pressure Cooker Challenge
Trade Display Set Up
1:20pm Trade Display Judging
1:55pm Student Review Session
5:30pm Awards Ceremony

The Team Leader


Listen to the Outline[sc_embed_player fileurl=”http://illuminate.education/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/AudioBriefing-TeamLeader.mp3″]


The illuminate:nextgen Challenge is a self-directed educational experience, which means that you have to set your own schedule to complete the required tasks on time. To help organise your team, you should choose one person to be the Team Leader. This person will be voted in by the team and then will direct the team for the rest of the challenge. To help your team choose the right team leader at the right time to help you do your best, you should follow the following steps;


Monday Morning. For most of the first day, you won’t have a team but after the passions workshop, you will be put into a team with people who have the same passions as you. For this reason, your teachers and the facilitators will be leading everyone, but you should keep and eye out for who you think could be good leaders.

Before 3pm, Monday. As you’ve seen how everyone works, you will have your team and you will have started thinking about you idea, you should have a good understanding of how each person works. Make sure you set some time aside to vote for your team leader. Remember this is based one who you think has the right skills, not who is your mate or most popular. To help you make this decision here are some personality traits that make a good leader:

  • They are responsible,
  • They can be relied on to keep everyone on track,
  • They include everyone in discussion and makes sure everyone has a chance to share their ideas and comments,
  • They are focused on the team,
  • And they are organisation.

The other important thing is, being the team leader is almost a full-time job, so don’t choose the person who will want to do a lot of the work. Take your time to choose the right person, because a leader can make or break a team.

After the Vote. The team leader now takes over the reins of the team and your teacher becomes an adviser. This means all directions should come from your team leader for the rest of the week, and they will be the person that we will contact if we need to talk to your team.


Please note: The Team Leader is an important role as part of the illuminate:nextgen JNR Challenge and should not be taken lightly. A good Team Leader can seriously make the difference between a team that meets all deadlines and one that falls apart before the middle of the week. Also, remember that every person in the team is really important. A team that works together and shares the work well, will find the challenge much easier.



The illuminate:nextgen Challenge is designed as a challenging real-world business education experience, which could be nothing like you have ever experienced before. Because of this, there may be some times where extra support will be required.

Below is a list of steps that can be taken to help stay on track over the course of the challenge;

Step 1 | Check the Team Resource Guide

This Team Resource Guide has been created to answer the big questions about the major tasks and challenge guidelines. Always check the right section of the guide first before going to the next step. This has been made so that you can easily keep working, with a lot of the information that you need to work independently.

Step 3 | Ask a Mate

If you can’t find the answer in the Team Resource, ask the other members of your team or a team near you. Someone might have already asked the question and they might have the answer for you.

Step 3 | Ask a Facilitator

Our facilitator will around when you are working in your teams. If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to in the Team Resource Guide, just come up and ask us.